Every year, around December, we all eat our little hearts out. Indulging in all the things; booze, chocolate, turkey, cake, ham, you name it. We do this knowing that come January we will be back to strict ‘healthy mode’. Not only do we make a resolution to be healthy, we aim to get our budgets in check, our social life in order and nail that job interview or gain that promotion. Now answer me this: Why do we have to wait to a new year ticks over before we can be a boss babe, killin’ it at life? Why not any day, any week, any month?

I bet you cannot give me a legitimate answer.

So, I am here to tell you that every day is your day! Out with the once a year resolution, in with the daily goals! We need to own our lives. Every. Single. Day.

I want you to make goal setting a part of your daily lifestyle. Now, they don’t have to be big goals, it could just be a goal to clean a particular area of your house on a Monday or go to the yoga class on a Tuesday.

I came to this realisation about ‘New Year Resolutions’ in June this year. I started setting daily goals to get up for the gym, eat healthy and own my life. With long terms goals such as complete a half-marathon and save for a house deposit. Fast track to now, early December, I am super healthy, have that ‘beach body’ I have always dreamt about and most of all I am HAPPY. So, excuse me while I sail smoothly into January carrying on living my life as I have been for the past 6 months. If you want to jump on board this boat and smooth sail your way into January also, then start now. Today is your day. Be a boss of your own life now. OWN IT.

From one boss babe to another; you rock.

Ciao bella.