New year, new you.. right?

We all step foot into the New year thinking that we will become this amazing, healthy, (possibly vegan?) New person. But reality is we usually get 1 month, or, in some cases (ahem…me), 1 day, into this fabulous new life and it all turns to sh*t.

Now I’m not trying to be a Debbie-downer here, I’m just been a realist.

Those new year resolutions that we all make each year become less and less reachable.

So I thought I’d try write a few words that might help and motivate us to actually fulfilling our resolutions and jumping into the New year with joy.


Step 1: plan ahead.

You know those few days between Christmas and New year’s where we are lost in days of eating and nights of drinking?

Use this time to do a little reflection.

We are usually very happy little souls during this period so we are less likely to make some extreme obnoxious resolution that’s impossible to fulfil.

Okay I admit, you might end up with one or two resolutions that involve ‘no more chocolate’ and ‘sober January’… But let’s be honest, what’s a new year resolution without those ever fail classics thrown in there!?

Which brings me to the next step…


Step 2: Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It’s easy. Just don’t go overboard.

We all try and say we will completely ‘cut-out the carbs’, ‘exercise every day’ and ‘no more alcohol’, but it never really happens does it?

And plus, it’s not very fair to ourselves. What kind of life will that be?

No yummy foods like pasta and pizza?!

No social life because your spending every minute of your day sweating your tits off?!

No alcohol?!

Pfft. No-way Jose.

Instead of saying NO, say LESS. Less carbs, less alcohol.


Step 3: Make them reachable.

This step follows on from step 3 really nicely…

Instead of jumping into January the 1st and taking away anything enjoyable, take it gradually.

For example, if I want to exercise more I will say ‘in the month of January I will aim for 30min exercise at least twice a week.’ ‘For the month of February I will aim for 40 min exercise 3 times a week.’ And so on.

If changing your diet is your kind of thing, then follow something like this: ‘January I will cut out Potatoes.’ ‘February I will cut out potatoes and pasta.’ ‘March I will cut out Potatoes, pasta and cake’… and so on.

Don’t you think this sounds a lot easier?


Step 4: Think outside the box.

Okay, so now you have your ‘healthy living’ goals sorted, try for something a little more on the creative side.

A new hobby perhaps?

A new pet to look after (think gold fish – cheap and you don’t have to walk them)?

A new blog??

Something you can look forward to after work each day, or something that can fill in those spare half hours on a Sunday evening.

Or perhaps you find your weekends are spent as a couch potato at home? So try a resolution like : visit a new museum once a month, catch the train to a different town once a month. The options are endless!



Now I’ve provided you with some helpful tips on how to make an achievable New Year resolution and you still have a few days before the NYE celebrations start, so what are you waiting for?

Grab a pen and start planning!